Ran into an old friend, and I ask her what’s new, and she shows me this new tattoo of hers. I immediately thought of you, and asked to take a picture. She says this was done stick-and-poke while she was drunk. Makes me sad. She’s such a nice girl, and it sucks that this happened to her.

“She’s such a nice girl, and it sucks that this happened to her.”… what? It’s such a gorgeous tattoo. I think I love stick and pokes more than any tattoo, there’s something so lovely and real about getting something permanent on your skin in shakey handwriting and 3am, instead of in a font picked from a selection of 1000 on a computer screen at some white washed studio by people you have no connection with. Maybe I’m overly romanticising it but whatever. I like it, I really really do. 

took me like 3 hours to find this post.. worth it

love this

I actually really like the tattoo because its so personal and imperfect. Its kind of a reflection of how we are.

Good vibes here



Baby going through tunnel

probably thought his entire existence ended

nerdy moment: babies at that age don’t have object permanence. if the object cannot be seen, it does not exist. image how freaked the fuck out you would be if suddenly everything went black - effectively ceasing to exist. the baby’s entire world vanished then came back.
so yeah. he probably did think his entire existence ended.

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